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    浙江丽水办公总部设计|光之隧道Light Tunnel

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    设计师: 林经锐
    浙江丽水办公总部设计|光之隧道Light Tunnel说明:


    The space is located in Lishui, Zhejiang, the interior area of whose top office building is about 2300 square meters. It belongs to a space design collected business office and reception hall. The owners hope to set the local history archway in the center of the space as a manifestation of corporate culture, while showing the respect of the owners on the traditional context as a modern technology company. The starting point of design is also around the history archway to extend design.



    The key question is how to deal with the relationship between new and old. Lighting atrium is set in the center of office space, and the history archway becomes the most important exhibition device in this atrium space. Through the twisted shutter awning, the dappled natural light creates a sense of time tunnel, wrapped in old building, as if it were connecting the past and now. Here, new and old, tradition and future forms a subtle dialogue, combining the modernity of technology companies, it also enhances the value of traditional culture.




    The design of atrium space retains the essence of traditional Chinese space - Patio - Courtyard - Corridor space, which takes the tactics of bringing scene, framing views, reflecting scene, to shape the atrium space, so as to rich landscape level and visual experience.



    Atrium lighting part belongs to additional building section. In the case of allowed ancient archway height, it adopted transparent twisted shutter awning, while providing a parcel space for the archway, it reduces the volume effectively to avoid the obstacles of the landscape in appearance. Besides, because the twisted body drives the flow of space, the light from outside seems rhythmic through the louver with the change of sunny angle.



    There are many ways to focus on tradition. In this project we have found the possibility.The method used to create space is based on the tradition of Oriental architectural gardening. Faced with specific problems, it can also be independent of traditional expressions, and can be different and inclusive.



    建筑设计单位:寻常设计Usual Studio

    室内设计单位:寻常设计Usual Studio


    设计团队:温馨, 沈佳骏,王坤辉




    摄影师:Tim Wu


    Project Name: Light Tunnel

    Architecture Design:Usual Studio

    Interior Design:Usual Studio

    Chief Designer:Lin Jingrui

    Design Team:Shen Jiajun,Wen Hsin,Wang Kunhui



    Project Year:2018

    Photographer:Tim Wu


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