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    Mr. Lai design studio
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    设计师: 来波
    Mr. Lai design studio说明:


    In order to get different space experiences, we tried some expressions of adventure. Different from the miscellaneous decoration tradition in the past, through the intersection of simple geometry block and color, the space is independent of each other, but at the same time, it is separated from each other and open in the subtle places. It is not absolutely closed to form a reverie and interesting multi-layer space.

    一张红色ROLY POLY 扶手椅,守在材质界限分明的门厅,与红色顶面交相呼应,释放出友好的讯号。左手边的鞋柜内与风尘仆仆而来朋友们准备了舒适的muji拖鞋,褪去一身疲惫,带来宾至如归的温馨体验。

    A red ROLY POLY armchair, standing in the hall with clear material boundary, responds to the red top surface and releases friendly signals. In the shoe cabinet on the left hand side and friends coming from all walks of life, they have prepared comfortable Muji slippers, which can bring you a warm experience at home.


    Warm wood, combined with matte metal surface, interspersed with red and black geometric blocks, forms a quiet and simple refined aesthetic space.


    Among them, we have to mention the single chair from 1950 that pays homage to the designer P.J. and the classic chairs 18 & 30 from the Czech ton, which release the charm of time that has been tested for hundreds of years in a new space.


    Every morning of hope, warm afternoon and quiet evening, warm sunshine passes through the gap of the blinds, quietly clings to the space, flows on the desktop, the ground, the chair surface, and on the soft collapse, sits still, and talks peacefully here.


    Design is an extension of the design team's own personality. The combination of material display and special-shaped black bar is actually a sharp and different kind of smooth road.


    Peel off the coating layer on the top of the working area, restore the rough cement texture of the building itself, cooperate with the exposed pipeline, form a violent collision with the simple and delicate space, red and black, black and green, meet different visual experience in the transition of the space, red is warm, green healing, we hope that the designers can keep full freedom of thinking in such an environment.

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